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“The snail pushes through a green

night, for the grass is heavy

with water and meets over

the bright path he makes, where rain

has darkened the earth’s dark. He

moves in a wood of desire,


pale antlers barely stirring

as he hunts. I cannot tell

what power is at work, drenched there

with purpose, knowing nothing.

What is a snail’s fury? All

I think is that if later


I parted the blades above

the tunnel and saw the thin

trail of broken white across

litter, I would never have

imagined the slow passion

to that deliberate progress.”

--- Thom Gunn, Considering the Snail



Growing up in different cities, pottery studio was a place where Daegeon finds stability and peace. “It is the moment that the body is synchronized with the mind on the spinning wheel; every single movement of the hands is controlled and coordinated … “

After completing university degree in fine art in South Korea, Daegeon worked under the Korean pottery master, Lee, as an apprentice, where he practiced and explored techniques of traditional Buncheong and moon jar making.


Following serving the military, Daegeon embarked a journey through Europe, South Asian and now settled in Australia. Daegeon is deeply fascinated by how different cultural collides and takes new forms in this city. Combining his experience in building and woodworking, he is now the one of the SNAILs teaching at studio at the same time developing series of projects where he re-imagines the traditional Korean pottery forms. 


Talk to him when you visit the PROJECT SNAIL.



Snapshots of some of our recent adventures.

More to come!



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